How to hide class=“” CSS

Tags: php,css

Problem :

I would like to hide this link using CSS:

<a href="<?php print $edit_link_location;?>"    class="<?php print $activelocation;?>">    <?php esc_html_e('Location','wpestate');?></a>  

The idea was to hide by its class like:

.class {

But there is the PHP that is confusing me.

How can I hide this? Thanks

Solution :

But there is the PHP that is confusing me.

PHP is simply printing the $activelocation variable/string out to your output (HTML). The problem is that $activelocation could be anything. We don't see the entire PHP script in your question, nor do I want to.

I would check the output/source ("View Source"/use Web Inspector) of the page, to see what PHP prints as the class name on your link and then hide/display:none that class.

Example: You look in the source/output and find <a href="/php/made/this/edit_link_location" class="php_also_made_this"> Now you can go ahead and hide the class ".php_also_made_this"

.php_also_made_this { 
  display: none; 

Just be careful. The class .php_also_made_this might be used elsewhere and you might be hiding things that you don't want to!

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