grayscale - how to disable it automatically

Tags: html,css,filter,grayscale

Problem :

Many websites in Thailand are now in grayscale, mostly using -webkit-filter: grayscale(100%), filter: grayscale(100%) and so on.

I know we can see them in colors as usual, "manually" (in Chrome) by pressing/clicking the F12 > elements > styles and uncheck grayscale filter check-boxes. But this is not a good way if we need to do the procedure on every webpage.

So, I tried extensions like CustomBlocker, stylish, stylebot, etc,... with no success. They can css-select but cannot correctly edit/inject/insert/remove on the grayscale filters.

I have tried most thing found in google for almost 4 hours with little results. Please help me:

How to automatically disable the grayscale filters on any webpages which are using them ?

Thank you very much for your helpful insights in advance.

p.s. you may try on a website like

Solution :

Though it appears you have already tried this you should create a custom CSS stylesheet that Chrome will use with a plugin like Stylish (not sure if there is a built in feature in Chrome).

Then you override the filter in the custom stylesheet.

* {
    -webkit-filter: none !important; 
    filter: none !important; 

However with the site that you referenced, the whole site is being greyscaled via JavaScript, so in this case all I could do was disable JavaScript in my browser. This makes everything colourful again.

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