How to make the html table on same line? Wordpress, woocommerce

Tags: html,css,wordpress,woocommerce

Problem :

I am modifying the checkout page, and I created two tables and using css display: inline-block; to make those on the same line. However, the content inside the table don't fill all the space of the table. How can I fix it?


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Html code of table 1:

<table class="shipping_table" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
                    <p class="form-row form-row validate-required" id="address_list_field">
                        <label for="address_list" class="">Delivery region: <abbr class="required" title="required">*</abbr></label>
                            <select name="address_list" id="address_list" class="select " data-placeholder="">
                                <option value="3">1/F, G Block, Kc park</option>


.shipping_table {
        display: inline-block;
        width: 48%;


        display: inline-block;
         width: 48%;


Solution :

Why don't you enclose the two tables into one table with two cells?
Set the outer tables so the <td> are 50/50 width.
Set the inner tables to be 100% width (.shipping_table, .billing_table)

In a perfect world you should be doing this inside <div>s and floating the boxes.

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