How to prevent randomly positioned images from overlapping using Angular

Tags: javascript,html,css,angularjs

Problem :

I have an Angular application that loads multiple images on to the page at random locations by utilizing the following code:


<div ng-repeat="s in selectedImages" class="container">
    <img ng-src="{{s.img}}" class="sImage" ng-style="s.pos"/>


.wordImage {

JS Controller:

function loadImages() {
    $scope.myImages = ['img1.png', 'img2.png', 'img3.png', 'img4.png', 'img5.png']
    $scope.selectedImages = [];
    for (i in $scope.myImages) {

function addRandomLocationToImage(image) {
    image.pos = {};
    var preTop  = getRandomHeight(); // get Height for this image
    var preLeft = getRandomWidth(); // get Width for this image
    image.pos = {top:preTop,
    return image; // returns the same image object but contains pos{} for ng-style

function getRandomHeight() {
    var imgHeight = 100;
    var winHeight = $(window).height();
    var randomH   = Math.random() * (winHeight - 100); // subtract 100 for the header. and also footer padding
    if (randomH < 150) {
        randomH += 150;  // add to keep it out of the header
    if(winHeight - randomH < 100) { // if image will be on bottom edge of page
        randomW -= imgHeight; // subtract 100 because that is the height of the images, this will prevent them from being partially off the page
    return randomH;

function getRandomWidth() {
    var imgWidth  = 100; 
    var winWidth  = $(window).width(); 
    var randomW   = Math.random() * winWidth;
    if (randomW < 0) { // make sure it is not less than zero, then assign new number until it is greater than zero
        while (randomW < 0) {
            randomW = Math.random() * winWidth;
    if (winWidth - randomW < 100) { // if image will be on right edge of page
        randomW -= imgWidth; // subtract 100 because that is the width of the images, this will prevent them from being partially off the page
    return randomW;    


This definitely generates random images on a page...but they overlap very easily. My question is, how can I prevent them from overlapping? Here is some code that I have been working on.

var newLeft = currentImage.pos.left;
var newTop =;
for (i in $scope.selectedImages) {
    var originalLeft = $scope.selectedImages[i].pos.left;
    var originalTop  = $scope.selectedImages[i];
    if ((originalLeft - newLeft < 100 && originalLeft - newLeft > -100) && // could overlap horizontally
        (originalTop  - newTop  < 100 && originalTop  - newTop  > -100)) { // could overlap vertically
            //do something to select a new random location.

Solution :

Basically you have to check a image position with every other image. You can use Array.some for this:

Considering that you store the image position in the image object as x and y properties

function checkCollision(testImage) {
  return $scope.myImages.some(function(img) {
    if (img == testImage)
      return false;

    if (!img.x || !img.y) // Image has no position yet
      return false;

      testImage.x < img.x + imgWidth &&
      testImage.x + imgWidth > img.x &&
      testImage.y < img.y + imgHeight &&
      testImage.y + imgHeight > img.y;

You have to be aware that depending of the available space and image sizes there might be a situation where is not possible to find a suitable position for a image.

I made a functional example.

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