Getting a resolution error on Chrome and Firefox for C9 app. Not sure how to resolve

Tags: javascript,jquery,html,css,screen-resolution

Problem :

Okay, I'm having an issue regrading screen size resolution and I have no idea how to go about it because I'm still not completely sure what the issue is. So, I am designing a Voting App that allows people to create a poll and then vote on it. The page where users cast a vote is where I am having an issue. The page looks like below at 1024 x 768 resolutionThis is the screenshot of the app at 1024 x 768

When the page is at the resolution mentioned above, I can't click on any of the radio buttons or the submit button. However, when I resize the window to 800 x 600, I can click on the radio buttons fine.

Also, when I submit my option, I create a chart based on the polls. The chart displays fine when the screen resolution is 800 x 600. Screenshot is below

Screenshot of app with graph

If I resize the above screenshot to anything above 800 x 600, to say 1024 x 600, the graph overlaps the radio buttons. Screenshot for that is below

Overlapping screenshot

Why is this happening? The app was working fine a few hours ago, and nothing was changed between then and now. I am using Bootstrap and CSS for styling my elements. I am including the CSS code below

    display: block;

Solution :

Instead of using class ChartDiv why don't you use bootstrap class col-sm-6 and put all the contents inside a div in it.

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