How to change the css class name dynamically in angular 2

Tags: html,css,angular2,ionic2

Problem :

I have two CSS class name as follows

     color: #bdbdbd;


My HTML has a heart icon

<div class="icon_heart" *ngIf="showheartIcon">
    <ion-icon name="heart" (click)="setWishlistTrue(category.product_id);" class="heart"></ion-icon>
<div class="icon_heart_red" *ngIf="showheartIconRed">
    <ion-icon name="heart" (click)="setWishlistFalse(category.product_id);" class="heart"></ion-icon>

Here I have two div tags, the heart icon is of gray color initially and on clicking that I will change it to blue color.

Here is my ts file code:

  showheartIconRed =false;

    this.showheartIconRed = true;
    this.showheartIcon = false;

    this.showheartIconRed = false;
    this.showheartIcon = true;

I have two icons of different color.


Instead of having two heart icons is it possible to change the class of the icon?

I have seen in JavaScript we can change it w3schools simple way to apply class to the div tag, but I am new to TypeScript. How can I change the class?

Solution :



<div [ngClass]="showheartIconRead ? 'icon_heart_red' : 'icon_heart'">

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