how to restore to original CSS

Tags: javascript,jquery,css

Problem :

The site is this:

I change the CSS with this code:

     { $(".numero").css("display", "none"); }
     { $(".subtitulo").css("font-size", "1em"); }
     { $("h1").css("font-size", "1.3em"); }

But I don´t know how restore to the original CSS when I be on top again

Solution :

Just set it to an empty string again, and it will use the CSS stylesheet.

    var topDistance = $(this).scrollTop();
    if (topDistance == 0) {
        $(".numero").css("display", ""); 
        $(".subtitulo").css("font-size", ""); 
        $("h1").css("font-size", "");

Of course, this assumes that these elements did not have any inline styles before you messed with them. Otherwise, you'll have to keep them in a variable and re-apply them later.

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