How to do CSS wild card search? [duplicate]

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Problem :

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I have three divs with following class:

<div class="page-search-site health-bundle-medical-group">Some text here</div>
<div class="health-bundle-clinic">Some text here 2</div>
<div class="page-search-site health-bundle-hospital">Some text here 3</div>

Here health-bundle- text is common for all three classes. So I want to write a CSS which will work for all these three classes, which will work if it matches the common part. Is it possible?

Solution :

What you need is called attribute selector. An example, using your html structure, is the following:[class*='-bundle-medical-group']  {

In the place of div you can add any element or remove it altogether, and in the place of class you can add any attribute of the specified element.[class*='-bundle-medical-group'][class*='-bundle-hospital'][class*='-bundle-clinic']


More information on CSS attribute selectors, you can find here and here.

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