How to programmatically check CSS styles for particular elements? [duplicate]

Tags: javascript,css,css3,inline-styles

Problem :

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I can easily check what CSS style an element has if it was applied inline:

<p style="color: red;">This is red</p>

The JS to read that color:

document.querySelector('p').style.color == 'red'

How can I check the CSS style of an element if that style was applied from an internal or external stylesheet?

Solution :

You can use window.getComputedStyle(). The returned value is a CSSStyleDeclaration, and you can access the properties directly using the dot notation or use .getPropertyValue('property name').

var p = document.querySelector('.demo');
var style = window.getComputedStyle(p);


console.log('style.color ', style.color);

// or

console.log('getPropertyValue(\'color\')', style.getPropertyValue('color'));
.demo {
  color: red; 
<p class="demo">This is red</p>

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