How to Change main menu color?

Tags: css,styling

Problem :

i have a issue with menu that i cant change text color in mini fixed meni in this site

I tryed to add this CSS to custom CSS:

.classic-menu .menu-item a {
  color: #000;

but when set color to #000 then color in main menu is turn black. So i want color in main menu to be white in black background, and in mini fixed menu when scroll down, to be white background with black font color. How to do this?


Solution :

Do this in your CSS:

.classic-menu .menu-item a {
  color: #fff;

.mini .menu-item a {
    color: #000;

.classic-menu is basically the regular state of your menu (when the background is black)

.mini-active is basically when the mini menu is activated, this way you'll get black for the mini menu and white for the regular one.

Hope that helps!

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