How to nest classes in css modules and react?

Tags: reactjs,css-modules

Problem :

I am trying to use CSS Modules in my React project. First part of the problem is that if I write nested css classes (using sass), I don't know if I can access the inner ones, since those seems to be compiled into unique classnames as well. Some code:

<div className={this.state.visible ? styles.header+" menu-visible" : styles.header}>
    <div className="menu">
        <a className="link">title</a>

   .header {
       &.menu-visible {
            .menu {

I have a wrapping class that sometimes is "menu-visible" which changes attributes on all the children, is it bad practice to do it like this in React?

There is multiple classes inside the .header that are changed if the menu is visible, therefore it would be convinient to just change the wrapping class, can I reference the children in some way? So that the remain nested in scss?


One solution that I can think of is to replace className="menu" with className={} but that seemed not to work. The problem is that I would like .menu to change its attributes if its parent has the class menu-visible.

Solution :

Ok, I solved it. I think that I just overdid it in my mind. Instead of writing I could just write, even if it was nested...

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