CSS - How do I center a loading icon on a page that contains an iframe?

Tags: javascript,jquery,html,css,iframe

Problem :

How do I center a loading icon on a page that contains an iframe ?

The iframe height is variable and it contains a table with some editing buttons such as Edit Delete. When one of the buttons is pressed, while the ajax call is working, I want to center the loading icon on the center of the screen, but instead it is centered on the center of the iframe, that depending on the data available ,the height could be anywhere between 1024px to 6000px. I'm using blockUI - jQuery for the loading icon. My CSS is the following :

var topOffset = $(window).height() / 2;
var leftOffset = $(window).width() / 2;
var style = {
  position: 'fixed',
  top: topOffset,
  left: leftOffset

I'm setting it to the the blockUI via jQuery.

Any thoughts ?

Solution :


Found the answer:

var topOffset = screen.height / 2;

var leftOffset = screen.width / 2;

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