How to make scroll bar permanently visible on Mac OS using CSS or jQuery

Tags: jquery,html,css,osx

Problem :

I want to make scroll bars permanently visible on Mac OS, but I don't know how to do it, I tried something like :

var topVal = $(".content").css("top"); //alert(topVal);
var val=parseInt(topVal.replace("px",""));
$(".content").css("top", val+"px"); 

also something like this :

var g=jQuery('.all-notifications-feed');

of course I used interval to repeat code every 0.2 sec.

Solution :

I agree with @DinoMyte ,


would be a good option for this if all you want to do is show the scroll bar.

Here is the link to overflow property .

Also another way to force the scroll in safari

Credit goes to

Hope this helps.

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