How to prevent fixed image from scrolling down?

Tags: html,css,layout

Problem :

I have an image in the top right corner of my page. It is a fixed element, so whenever I zoom in or out it stays in the top right corner of the browser as intended. The thing that happens which I don't intend, is that when scrolling down the page, the image follows. I want it to constantly be in the page's top right corner when zooming in/out, but to stay static when I scroll down so it remains on the top of the page with all other content which is positioned there. Here is the code for the element:

<div id="abox" class="Mbox"><a href="#" style="font-family:arial;font-size:120%;text-decoration:none;" title="title">Some text</a></div>

<div id="abox" class="Cbox"><a href="#" style="font-family:arial;fontsize:120%;
text-decoration:none;" title="title">Text</a>

<div style="position:absolute;>
<img class="imagebox" src="image.png" alt="alt" title="title">
<div id="textbox" style="margin-right:450px;">Some text here.</div>

And the relevant CSS:

#abox {

.Mbox {

.Cbox {

#longbox {

.imagebox {

I tried using absolute, but when using right:0px, no matter how much I zoom out I can't find the image - it disappears. Instead I tried shifting it from the left (e.g: left:900px), but that obviously didn't keep in moving to the right whenever I zoomed out. When using float:right; my image also disappears. These may be irrelevant anyway, but worth mentioning.

Ultimately, I want the image to be interactive in the sense it continues to shift to the right to stay in the top-right corner as I zoom out(/in), but when scrolling down I do not want it to follow.

Many thanks in advance.

UPDATE: I have added more of the HTML and CSS, and tried the absolute method only for the image to remain disappeared. When I go back to position:fixed;right:0px;top:10px; for the embedded CSS of the image, I go back to the original issue with it staying in the corner as intended but still following my scroll.

Solution :

If i used position absolute I dont find any changes. And I set a extra div class test. with a height.. No you can test it. zooming in and out. the abc div you will find in same place

  position: absolute;
  right: 10px;
  top: 10px;
  background: red;
.test {
  height: 200vh;
  background: blue;
<div class="abc">
 <img class="box" src="a src" alt="an alt" title="a title">
   <div class="test">

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