How to add hover effect to using CKEditor?
Tags: javascript,jquery,html,css,ckeditor

Problem :

I draw a table in CKEditor.

You can see current my table look like this.

Currently, I want to hover columns of the table and it will auto highlights check icon with the colour orange.

I found to change CSS:

CKEDITOR.config.contentsCss = '/mycustom.css';

I don't know how to apply in the table.

My table has structure like:


Solution :

Here is a script to highlight columns where there is checkmarks with an orange background-color.

var CKE = $( '.editor' );
var columnIndex=0;

    // Output CKEditor's result in a result div

    // If there is a table in the result
    if( $("#result").find("table") ){
        console.log("Table found.");

        // On mouse over a td
            // find the column index
            columnIndex = $(this).index();

            // Condition is to ensure no highlighting on the 2 firsts columns
                    var thisTD = $(this).find("td").eq(columnIndex);

                    // If cell is not empty
                    //   &nbsp; is the html entity for a space
                    //   CKEditor always insert a space in "empty" cells.
                    if( thisTD.html() != "&nbsp;" ){

            // Clear all hightlights

    // Console log the resulting HTML (Usefull to post HTML on StackOverflow!!!)

I took the time to make a demo based on your table.
Please, next time, post your HTML!!!

See working demo on CodePen

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