How to fix when someone edits css output of an existing sass file

Tags: css,sass

Problem :

A person directly edited the css output file. Am I in trouble here? He made edits all throughout the file and if I'm understanding correctly, my changes will overwrite his when I recompile. Is there anyway to keep everything but still work in my scss files? Could I take the entire css file and try the reverse css to scss path to get everything together?

Solution :

One option would be to save the edited CSS file and then compare it to your compiled CSS file, allowing you to determine what the changes are and add them to your Sass file.

  1. Save the edited CSS file as FileA.css.
  2. Recompile your Sass file into FileB.css
  3. Load files FileA.css and FileB.css into a diff viewer, something like DiffChecker or a desktop app like Kaleidoscope.
  4. Determine the changes and add the appropriate Sass to your original .sass file.

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