How to Replace the generic css style into empty string using C#

Tags: c#,css,replace

Problem :

When i take a list of items from one list, some css styles are added into that. I want to remove / Replace that. The following code is used to replace the style generic. But it is not given the result.

flag.Text = flag.Text.Replace("style=[\"'](.*)[\"']", "");

But it is not replacing. How to give this. Or shall i use Contains method?

Solution :

You probably want to try using Regex.Replace (and using Multiline option, just in case) instead of string.Replace:

RegexOptions options = RegexOptions.Multiline; 
flag.Text = Regex.Replace(flag.Text, "style=[\"'](.*)[\"']", "", options);

What you show above is Replace using string.Replace. It tries to find exact match of the static text instead of text with pattern. If you want to replace text with pattern, use Regex.Replace instead.

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