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      on the same line and centered [duplicate]

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    Problem :

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    In my wordpress site I have the following code in a page a the top of the site which is used as main menu:

    <ul class="gk-short-menu">
    <li data-scroll-reveal="enter bottom over .5s after .5s">                     
        <a href="#locali">
            <img id="loc" src="" height="64" width="64"/> 
            <span id="loc-span">Locali</span>
    <li data-scroll-reveal="enter bottom over .5s after .5s">                     
        <a href="#laboratorio">
            <img id="lab" src="" height="64" width="64"/> 
            <span id="lab-span">Laboratorio</span>
    <li data-scroll-reveal="enter bottom over .5s after .5s">                     
        <a href="#servizi">
            <img id="serv" src="" height="64" width="64"/> 
            <span id="serv-span">Servizi</span>
    <li data-scroll-reveal="enter bottom over .5s after .5s">                     
        <a href="#diconodinoi">
            <img id="about" src="" height="64" width="64"/> 
            <span id="about-span">Dicono di noi</span>
    <li data-scroll-reveal="enter bottom over .5s after .5s">                     
        <a href="#photogallery">
            <img id="pic" src="" height="64" width="64"/> 
            <span id="pic-span">Photo Gallery</span>
    <li data-scroll-reveal="enter bottom over .5s after .5s">                     
        <a href="#contatti">
            <img id="loc" src="" height="64" width="64"/> 
            <span id="loc-span">Contatti</span>

    which produce the following result: enter image description here

    As you can image I would like to have all the icons in the same line and centered. Which CSS rules do I need? Thank you

    Solution :

    You can add following css rule.

     .gk-short-menu {text-align: center;}
     .gk-short-menu li {
      display: inline-block;
      margin-right: 5px;
    .gk-short-menu span {
     display: block; 
     text-align: center;

    That rule will make your content centered and in same single line ...

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