How to avoid this hardcoded index.js when use webpack?

Tags: javascript,css,node.js,sass,webpack

Problem :


  • CSS: compile .scss, add prefixes, minify and concat into main.css
  • JS: minify and concat into main.js

We are using webpack and BEM.

Project structure:

├── build
│   ├── main.css
│   └── main.js
└── src
    ├── blocks
    │   ├── a
    │   │   ├── a.js
    │   │   └── a.scss
    │   ├── b
    │   │   └── b.scss
    │   ├── c
    │   │   └── b.scss
    │   └── d
    │       ├── d.js
    │       └── d.scss
    └── index.js

index.js is entry point for webpack, this content:

// javascript

// scss

This approach is very bad, how to avoid this hardcoded index.js and automatically detect new .js and .scss files in blocks dir?

Can we define some globs (as in Gulp.js) for .js or .scss?

Solution :


require.context('./blocks', true, /\.js$/);
require.context('./blocks', true, /\.scss$/);

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