How to make a grid of interactive elements?

Tags: javascript,jquery,html,css,grid

Problem :

I'm trying to create a portfolio website that resembles this, a full-page grid of images that change when you hover over them... (another example, the third screen!)

And currently I have a crude solution that looks like:

<img src="1.png" id="img" swap="2.png"/>

// then in JS...

    var _this = $(this);
    var current = _this.attr("src");
    var swap = _this.attr("swap");
}); // 

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But this isn't a very scaleable solution and other than having 1000 images, each with their own unique ID which is identified so the src can be toggled, I'm not sure what to do -- plus I don't know how this would react to different display sizes/screen cut-offs. And while background-image in CSS tiles nicely, it doesn't allow interactivity... unless maybe you had a JS script track cursor position(?)

!! This is my very first project, any help would be appreciated :) (Codecademy is a very sheltered learning environment........)

Solution :

you don't have to use ids and create a handler for every image.

this will apply to every image CURRENTLY on the page:

  var _this = $(this);
  var current = _this.attr("src");
  var swap = _this.attr("swap");

and this will react to every image, even images added after the page is loaded:

$(document).on('hover', 'img', function () {
  var _this = $(this);
  var current = _this.attr("src");
  var swap = _this.attr("swap");

To account for screen sizes and your other concerns, you'd need to either set a fixed width and height on your images, or make sure all your images are of similar resolution.

You could do this with backgrounds as well by creating a grid of divs then change the background of the div on hover, similar to the above handlers.

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