How to combine transforms in CSS?

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Problem :

I have a CSS animation that uses transforms to move around relative to its current position.


fish {
    animation: fishanimation 4s ease-in-out infinite alternate;

@keyframes fishanimation {
  0% {
    transform: translateY(20px);

  100% {
    transform: translateY(80px);

Now I want to adjust the scale and rotation dynamically using javascript, but this gets overwritten by the running css animation. The transforms are not combined :(

Javascript = "scale(0.4) rotate(45deg)";

Is it possible to have the scale and rotation apply to the already existing transformation? Something like:

element.transform = element.transform + "scale(0.4) rotate(34deg)";


This is not a duplicate of the question: how to combine css transforms. The point of this question is that an element may already have a transform that I don't want to overwrite. I want to add to it, without actually knowing what the current transform state is.

Solution :

As commented, I recommend you use a library called Velocity JS for this. Click for Velocity JS website.

If a library like suggested is not an option, then read on!

If you were looking to do multiple transforms like that in one on top of your previous transforms, then you'd need to use the matrix value for the transform. Things get a little complicated with the matrix. The parameters for the matrix are in this order: -


Let's use the example of starting off with the initial fish animation you mentioned: -

fish {
    animation: fishanimation 4s ease-in-out infinite alternate;

@keyframes fishanimation {
  0% {
    transform: matrix(1, 0, 0, 1, 0, 20);

  100% {
    transform: matrix(1, 0, 0, 1, 0, 80);

To dynamically change this in JavaScript will require some unpleasant string manipulation and getting the transform property of the element (which is more awkward than you think). Here's an example of how you might do it.

function getTransformValues(obj) {
    var transform = {
        scaleX: 1,
        skewX: 0,
        skewY: 0,
        scaleY: 1,
        translateX: 0,
        translateY: 0

    var matrix = obj.css("-webkit-transform") ||
                 obj.css("-moz-transform")    ||
                 obj.css("-ms-transform")     ||
                 obj.css("-o-transform")      ||

    if (matrix && matrix !== 'none') {
        var values = matrix.split('(')[1].split(')')[0].split(',');
        transform.scaleX = parseInt(values[0], 10);
        transform.skewX = parseInt(values[1], 10);
        transform.skewY = parseInt(values[2], 10);
        transform.scaleY = parseInt(values[3], 10);
        transform.translateX = parseInt(values[4], 10);
        transform.translateY = parseInt(values[5], 10);

    return transform;

var values = getTransformValues($('#test'));
// Object {scaleX: 1, skewX: 0, skewY: 0, scaleY: 2, translateX: 50, translateY: 40}

Now you've got those values you can start creating a new matrix by only changing the one you want, for example: -

var old = {
    scaleX: 1,
    skewX: 0,
    skewY: 0,
    scaleY: 2,
    translateX: 50,
    translateY: 40

$('#test').css('transform', 'matrix(' + old.scaleX + ', ' + old.skewY + ', ' + old.skewX + ', ' + old.scaleY + ', ' + old.translateX + ', ' + old.translateY + ')');

Bare with me... If you want to start manipulating the rotation angle things get even more complicated. To avoid bogging this answer so much, this part of the question has a solution at the following link: Get element -moz-transform:rotate value in jQuery

Hopefully you can see why adopting libraries such as Velocity JS, at least at the time of writing, is the best way to go for quick, easy, clean and smooth cross-browser animation.

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