How to achieve this oval layout with CSS

Tags: html,css,css3

Problem :

How to achieve this layout with CSS?

enter image description here

Solution :

You can try this:


<div class="rectangle"><div class="circle"></div></div>


   background-color: darkblue;
   width: 300px;
   height: 500px;

   border-radius: 50%;
   width: 600px;
   height: 600px;
   background-color: #ddd;
   left: -150px;
   top: 100px;
   border: 2px dashed darkblue;
   box-shadow: 0 0 0px 5px #ddd;

BUT with Firefox the curved line does not appear dashed because is not compatible with mozilla, but if you check it from IE and Chrome it works as well.

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