how to access the class css properties from an attribute directive associated with the same element

Tags: javascript,css,angularjs,angular2

Problem :

Here is the component template

template: `<h1 class = "dragStyle" [drag] = "true">DRAG THIS ELEMENT</h1>`,
styles : [`
        margin : 12px;

Here is the constructor of [drag] attribute directive-

    private _el: ElementRef, 
    private _renderer : Renderer,
    @Attribute('class') type : string) {

I need to access the value of margin property associated with the dragStyle class for some computations.

Solution :

I don't know if what you are to do 'inject the css class object into the constructor' is possible. But,since you only require the computed css property, why don't you use getComputedStyle() ?

In your example,

export class DragDirective{
  @Input() drag:boolean;
    private _el: ElementRef, 
    private _renderer : Renderer,
    @Attribute('class') type : string) {
    let margin = getComputedStyle(this._el.nativeElement).getPropertyValue('margin');

Here is a plunker

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