How do we change the color and size of dingbat unicode characters in mobile Safari? (html entities)

Tags: html,css,unicode,mobile-safari,dingbats

Problem :

How can we change the CSS rules of dingbats? The following does not work in iOS Safari.

<span class="dingbat">&#x2716;</span>

.dingbat {
    color: blue;
    font-size: 100px;

Below is a JSFiddle that demonstrates the issue. If you open the JSFiddle in a desktop browser, the dingbat X color will be blue and the size will be 100px. But if you open it in mobile Safari, the color will be black and the size will be small.

This question was marked as a possible duplicate of "Color of Unicode Emoji". I don't think this question is a duplicate, because I definitely can change the color of Unicode dingbats in most browsers (see JSFiddle for example). The only browser I am not able to change the color in is mobile Safari. You cannot change the color of emojis in any browser as far as I know.

The recommended answer in the "Color of Unicode Emoji" question says to use a new font or library. That may be a workaround, but it doesn't answer the question. If someone can prove that unicode dingbats cannot be styled in mobile Safari I would accept that as the correct answer.

Solution :

A response in a similar post answers this. It worked for me!

HTML unicode arrow works on Safari desktop, but not Safari for iOS

font-family: 'Zapf Dingbats';

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