Rails 4: How to style navigation for current page using jQuery

Tags: javascript,jquery,html,css,ruby-on-rails

Problem :

I have been reading a lot on how to highlight / style links to show the user their current page. None of the solutions seem to work. I have a navbar with links such as <a href="/foo/"> and a dropdown with <a href="/foo/bar"> and when the current page is /foo/bar I want to add a class to both links (/foo/ and /foo/bar).

I have tried using the solutions on CSS-Tricks and tried writing my own jQuery but have not been able to select ALL of the correct DOM elements.

Is there a better jQuery solution or a way to do this server-side?

Solution :

Basically, you want to check if your current controller and action are the ones of the links.

Okay, here is some sample code:

application.css (for ease of seeing... use your own):

a.myLink {
   color: blue;
   background: white;
   size: 24px;

a.active {
  background: green;
  color: pink;

In your helper script (I put mine in application_helper):

module ApplicationHelper
  def active_link?(controller, *action)
    controller.include?(controller_name) && action.include?(action_name)

in your layout page (mine is views/layouts/application.html):

<%= controller_name %>
<%= action_name %>

  <%= link_to "list articles", articles_path, class:"myLink #{active_link?('articles', 'index') ? 'active' : '' }" %>
  <%= link_to "new article", new_article_path, class:"myLink #{active_link?('articles', 'new') ? 'active' : '' }"  %>
  <%= link_to "list posts", posts_path,  class:"myLink #{active_link?('posts', 'index') ? 'active' : '' }"  %>
  <%= link_to "new post", new_post_path,  class:"myLink #{active_link?('posts', 'new') ? 'active' : '' }"  %>

  <%= yield %>


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