Load More / Show Less issues using jquery

Tags: javascript,jquery,html,css

Problem :

Question(s): Provided below, I am encountering a few issues, they are:

1.) where $('.resume_container_item:lt(' + x + ')').show(); is located, it is only showing the first 4 items in the first container - it should show the first 4 items in all containers.

2.) the if statement here

if (x == size_item) { // ISSUE LIES HERE - For some reason, it does not want to fade out once reached...


As for the css, I have the .resume_container_item and the .resume_show_less classes as display: none;

Here is the full code:

size_item = $('.resume_container_item').size();
x = 4;
$('.resume_container').each(function( index ) {
  $(this).children('.resume_container_item:lt(' + x + ')').show(); 
}); // Fixed with help from n01ze
$('.resume_view_more').click(function() {
  var $parent = $(this).parent();
  x = (x + 4 <= size_item) ? x + 4 : size_item;
  $parent.find('.resume_container_item:lt(' + x + ')').slideDown();
  if (x == size_item) { // ISSUE LIES HERE - For some reason, it does not want to fade out once reached...
  return false;
$('.resume_show_less').click(function() {
  var $parent = $(this).parent();
  x = (x - 4 < 4) ? 4 : x - 4;
  $parent.find('.resume_container_item').not(':lt(' + x + ')').slideUp();
  if (x == 4) {
  return false;

Any suggestions and/or thoughts on how to correct this is greatly appreciated...I've been at this for hours and can't seem to figure out why this is occurring...


Here is a jsFiddle



With this update, issue #1 has been corrected with the help of n01ze

Solution :

The error in the second fiddle occurs because you rely on a single variable x to handle two different counters.

You can check how many items you are showing by counting :visible elements within the container

$('.resume_view_more').click(function() {
  var $parent = $(this).parent();
  var size_item = $parent.children('.resume_container_item').size();
  var tmp_x = $parent.children('.resume_container_item:visible').size();
  tmp_x = (tmp_x + 4 <= size_item) ? tmp_x + 4 : size_item;
  $parent.find('.resume_container_item:lt(' + tmp_x + ')').slideDown();
  if (tmp_x == size_item) { 
  return false;

Fiddle here

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