How to check if an element has a hover property and do something to another element in css [closed]

Tags: html,css,html5,css3

Problem :

So I'm try to make something in C.S.S and i want to make a drop-down kind think and i don't know how to check if an element has a hover property and do something to another element in C.S.S how to do that?


if(element 1 has hover) { do something to element 2 }


Solution :

This comes in two parts:

  1. To see if hover is enabled, look at the tag, and see if the has a tag:hover element in the CSS.

  2. To action something else on the page based on hover, then you need JQUERY:

    $().hover( function() { Do Something; } );

Hope this helps.

Adding a reference from W3Schools to aid you in Drop down menu development:

update 1: This example provides a solution that allows you to adjust for transitions. Requires JQUERY library:

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