how to dynamically append tr element with css to a table

Tags: javascript,jquery,html,css

Problem :

I am looping through $.each in jquery and getting back data and appending that data to a table like this:

 $.each(segment, function (index, innerSegment) {
 var tr;
 tr = $('<tr/>');
 tr.append("<td>" + segment[i].Airline.AirlineName + "</td>");

 tr.append("<td>" + segment[i].ArrivalTime + "</td>");
 tr.append("<td>" + segment[i].Origin "</td>"); 

 tr.append("<td>" + segment[i].DepartureTime + "</td>");
 tr.append("<td>" + segment[i].Destination "</td>"); 

 tr.append("<td>" + segment[i].Duration + "</td>");
 tr.append("<td>" + segment[i].publishedFare "</td>");

Now, I am getting back proper data from $.each loop. But all the data is appending one after the another.

I want to append the data something like this in this jsfiddle.

My table is like this:

<table id="tableId">

Solution :

How's this:

var table = $('#tableId');
$.each(segment, function (index, innerSegment) {
  var rows = '<tr><td rowspan="4" width="25%">' + segment[i].Airline.AirlineName + "</td>";
  rows += '<td width="25%">' + segment[i].ArrivalTime + "</td>";
  rows += '<td rowspan="4" width="25%">&nbsp;</td>';
  rows += '<td rowspan="4" width="25%">' + segment[i].publishedFare + "</td></tr>";
  rows += "<tr><td>" + segment[i].Origin + "</td></tr>"; 
  rows += "<tr><td>" + segment[i].DepartureTime + "</td></tr>";
  rows += "<tr><td>" + segment[i].Destination + "</td></tr>"; 


Example fiddle with the each commented out

Updated fiddle with your data

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