How to apply multiple css transform properties using Jquery

Tags: jquery,html,css

Problem :

I tried to apply some dynamic scale and translate css properties some thing like this

var scale="scale(2,2)";
var translate="translate(20,20)";
var prop=scale+" "+translate;

But this is not working. I even tried some thing like this

 prop="'"+scale+" "+translate+"'";

Even this not working.Please help to resolve this.

Solution :

As mentioned by Harry, you have to have measurement units on your translate property.

See below:

var scale="scale(2,2)";
var translate="translate(20px,20px)";
var prop=scale+" "+translate;

A slightly easier alternative is to do a class change instead, and assign your transform styling to the new class.

Like this:


And the CSS

.transform-me {
  transform:translate(20px, 20px) scale(2,2);

Doing it this way achieves the exact same results, but it does simplify troubleshooting where the error is occurring (whether it is the CSS or the jQuery causing problems).

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