How to structure selectors in css when using specificity?

Tags: css,css3

Problem :

I have div where i have css class orcitMultiselectTreeviewHeight and inside i have another div element that is using orcitMultiselectTreeview and inside i have another div that is using class orcitMultiselectTreeviewTagList. So i want to target styling for orcitMultiselectTreeviewTagList. how can i achieve this task ?


.orcitMultiselectTreeview.orcitMultiselectTreeview .orcitMultiselectTreeviewTagList { 
    max-height: 5em;
    overflow: scroll;

Solution :

If you are targeting an element with 2 classes and want to specify both classes there is no space between the selectors. If it is a child then there is a space. Direct child you use >

<div class="class1 class2">
   <div class="class3">
       <div class="class4">



.class1.class2 { //selects the base div }
.class1 .class4 { //selects class4 div only }
.class1 > .class4 { //selects no div as class4 is not a child of class1 }
.class1 .class3 .class4 { //selects class4 }
.class1.class2 .class3 > .class4 { //selects class4 as a direct child of class 3 }

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