How to auto-adjust size of other input fields while typing into input field #1?

Tags: javascript,html,css

Problem :

I am working with an HTML/JavaScript/CSS page that looks something like this,

       input field: (base10) [100                  ]
output field #1 (base08) [144                  ]
output field #2 (base19) [55                   ]
output field #3 (base36) [2S                   ]

and I am trying to achieve something like this,

       input field: (base10) [100                  ]
output field #1 (base08) [144]
output field #2 (base19) [55]
output field #3 (base36) [2S]

with real-time adjustment to the "output" field sizes. The brackets denote the field sizes visible on my screen. How to code that?

All 4 of those lines use the HTML input tag with unique id's. In this case I typed "100" into the base10 field which is arbitrarily long in size, and in real time the JavaScript updates multiple output fields with the number 100 written in other counting systems, and that already works fine, no problem there.

The problem is all those output fields are a pre-determined/hard-coded size, whereas their contents are all different sizes. What I need is for the size attribute of the fields called #1, #2, and #3 to be dynamically updated in real time too, so the field snugly fits each of the contents.

Something tells me that the solution will involve things like onkeyup="Resize(this);" and document.getElementsByName or something similar (preferably no jQuery), but I am not the best with JavaScript syntax and I am just modding this pre-written page under GNU GPL, so I need your help.


Solution :

solved it myself with :

document.getElementById("foo").style.width = ((document.getElementById("foo").value.length + 1) * 6.5); 

it's pretty close, not 100%, as far as the style width matching the input element contents, but at least it's dynamic which is what I was looking for.

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