How can I use Font Awesome (or other font icons) instead of the jQuery sprites in Primefaces DataTable?

Tags: jquery,css,jsf-2,primefaces,font-awesome

Problem :

I'm using PrimeFaces to generate a datatable. The default sorting icons are chevrons from the JQuery library but as they are not Vector they look ugly. I wan't to replace them using some font like font awesome but I have no clue how to do this. The below CSS handles I can use to change the image to different sprites etc.

If I could somehow change the class primefaces adds from ui-icon-triangle-1-n to af fa-sort-alpha-desc for example I would already be helped.

.ui-state-default .ui-icon{
        background-image: url("../Assets/images/jquery-ui/ui-    icons_0072b6_256x240.png");
    .ui-datatable .ui-icon-carat-2-n-s {
    background-position: -160px 0 !important;

.ui-datatable .ui-icon-triangle-1-n{
    background-position: 0 -48px !important;

.ui-datatable .ui-icon-triangle-1-s{
    background-position: -64px -48px !important;

Solution :

here is an example:

    content: "\f049";
    font-family: FontAwesome;
    color: white;

you can find the codes you cann add for content instead of "\f049" in the font-awesome website

the :before is important behind the css class

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