How to write CSS keyframes to indeterminate material design progress bar

Tags: css,css3,material-design

Problem :

I want to make an indeterminate progress bar as in material design (the second one) in CSS3 in a web page. Can anyone share the necessary CSS magic? I want it to behave exactly the same as on the video, so one end is accelerating while the other is slowing down until they switch.

I could not find any existing example that would work this way.

Solution :

I found a good example on CodePen.

In case the link goes down, here is the code:


<div class="slider">
  <div class="line"></div>
  <div class="subline inc"></div>
  <div class="subline dec"></div>


  margin:50px 300px;

  overflow-x: hidden;

  opacity: 0.4;

  animation: increase 2s infinite;
  animation: decrease 2s 0.5s infinite;

@keyframes increase {
   from { left: -5%; width: 5%; }
   to { left: 130%; width: 100%;}
@keyframes decrease {
   from { left: -80%; width: 80%; }
   to { left: 110%; width: 10%;}

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