How do I handle setting multiple styles (due to vendor prefixes) in CSS with Javascript?

Tags: javascript,css,flexbox,vendor-prefix

Problem :

I want the user to click a button to reveal a hidden flexbox menu. So of course I know how to handle the normal stuff:

nav#test {
    display: none;
    flex-flow: column nowrap;
document.querySelector('#test').style.display = 'flex';

But what about the stupid vendor-prefix alternate rules? That's never come up for me before and I don't know how to handle them.

EDIT : Why not Autoprefixer?

In a word: wrap. In the above example, I used flex-flow: column nowrap;. But let's say the rule had been flex-flow: row wrap;. Autoprefixer would only give you a fix for very recent browsers, because there isn't one (no wrap support) on older (but not even that old) Firefox and Safari [which includes Chrome for iOS].

So, if you used Autoprefixer, your flex-flow: row wrap element would simply break on such browsers. Depending on settings your flex children might run right off the side of the screen.

Maybe you'd rather offer an alternate layout in these cases by specifying -webkit-box-orient: vertical and perhaps even -moz-box-orient: vertical (the equivalents to the modern flex-direction: column).

Solution :

You can create a CSS class selector with the standard property and prefixed properties and simply use JavaScript to add the class to whatever element you need on a button click. For example:

var navButton = document.getElementById("navControl");
navButton.addEventListener("click", showNav, false);

function showNav() {
    var nav = document.getElementById("test");
    nav.className = "flexClass";
nav#test {
    display: none;
    flex-flow: column nowrap;

#test.flexClass {
    display: flex; /* Standard for Firefox, Chrome, and Opera */
    display: -webkit-box;  /* iOS 6-, Safari 3.1-6 */
    display: -ms-flexbox;  /* IE 10 */
    display: -webkit-flex; /*  Safari 6.1+. iOS 7.1+ */
    background: lightgray;
    border: 1px solid black;
<button id="navControl">Show Nav menu</button>
<nav id="test">Nav menu goes here</nav>

I wrote #test.flexClass instead of just .flexClass because ID selectors are more specific than class selectors, so .flexClass alone would have been overridden by your existing nav#test selector.

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