How To Move A DIV Element A Little Towards The Top

Tags: html,css,blogger

Problem :

I have an issue with the home-link image that I've coded for my hovering navigation bar. The URL to my blog is as follows : I would ideally like the image to appear in-line with the tabs text that is beside it however no matter what I do I cant seem to move the "home" icon slightly up. I have tried to play about with padding and margin values but to no avail. I only need to move the image approximately 15px towards the top but I cant figure out how to go about it. I have included the html and css coding below :

#wctopdropcont { 
padding: 5.5px 0 0 0;
left: 0px;

opacity: 0.9;
filter: alpha(opacity=90);

<div id='wctopdropcont'>

<li><a href=''><img alt='Home' height='30px' src='' width='30px'/></a></li> 

Solution :

Don't use any margins and stuff.

The problem is you have padding on your img.

set padding: 0; only to on the first li and it will be fine..

enter image description here

#wctopdropnav li:first-child { padding: 0; }

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