How to tell the code to choose between two variables and make them equal?

Tags: c#,css,selenium,xpath

Problem :

I'm working on a unit test, the test platform is a dynamic website and so CSS Selector and xpath change very often. So I thought to myself maybe I can use both CSS and xpath to retrieve the same text.

The main issue I face right now is how to tell the code to equal the two retrieved strings, like that it does not matter if the xpath fails the CSS Selector will still work and vice versa.

Here is a simple code

string text1 = _driver.FindElement(By.XPath("xpathtext")).Text;
string text2 = _driver.FindElement(By.CssSelector("csstext")).Text;
text1 = text2;
//then use text1 or text2 

is there any clean and neat way of doing it?

Solution :

IWebElement element1 = driver.FindElementIfExists(By.XPath("xpathtext"));
IWebElement element2 = driver.FindElementIfExists(By.CssSelector("csstext"));

string value = (element1 != null ? element1.Text : (element2 != null ? element2.Text : null));

It relies on the FindElementIfExists extension method. It's just a matter of creating this class in your project:

public static class WebDriverExtensions
    public static IWebElement FindElementIfExists(this IWebDriver driver, By by)
        IWebElement result = null;

            result = driver.FindElement(by);
        catch { }

        return result;

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