How to select a great grandchild of an element by its id

Tags: html,css

Problem :

I'm supposed to be removing images of graffiti off of a wall. The exercise is supposed to help teach me how to use selectors in different ways. The tricky bit is that I am competing with a second style sheet and I am trying to make a new style sheet to remove the images of graffiti.

This is the relevant code I am working with:

<div id="wall">
  <div class="parent">
      <div id="tag-6"></div>

So what I need to do is select

<div id="tag-6"></div>

I understand that I am selecting a great grandchild of <div id="wall"> I even understand that it is not the first child but everything I have tried so far does not work.

This is what my CSS looks like:

#wall .parent > div > div {
    display: none;

I also looked up the solution to this problem and it looked like this:

body div#wall div.parent div:last-child div#tag-6 {
    display: none; 

Yet when I copied and pasted this CSS code into my stylesheet, it did not work. Can anyone help me out?

Solution :

if it has an ID, you don't need any combined selectors, just use #tag-6 as a selector

#tag-6 { display: none; }

Addition after edit of question:

Just make sure your own stylesheet is referenced after the stylesheet whose styles you want to overrule.

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