How to edit HTML with CSS? [closed]

Tags: html,css

Problem :

As I'm having my website edited in one of the web editors, I'm unable to access some of the files to edit the HTML myself. I read lots of topics on how to alter HTML with CSS, but in this case those didn't work.

This is the HTML generated with Chrome's inspector (again, I can't access this HTML in the editor):

<table id="wsite-com-checkout-list">
        <th class="wsite-com-checkout-list-item" colspan="2">Items</th>
        <th class="wsite-com-checkout-list-price">Price</th>
        <th class="wsite-com-checkout-list-quantity">Quantity</th>
        <th class="wsite-com-checkout-list-total wsite-align-right">Total</th>

So I'd like to have words Items, Price, Quantity and Total translated to another language, how do I do it?

One another example I need help about:

<a class="wsite-com-continue-shopping" href="/">
                <span class="caret">◀</span>
                Continue Shopping</a>

I'd like to have the word "Continue Shopping" translated to another language here.

Solution :

Short Answer: CSS isn't really designed for that sort of thing, you should probably look into a different solution. It is technically possible though.

You can actually set the content of CSS elements, but only :before and :after elements that are applied to the element. Therefore, if you have an element like

<td id="HelloText">Hello</td>

You can have it "translated" to Spanish with

    font-size: 0; // hides existing text

    font-size: 14px;
    content: "Hola";

This isn't really ideal though, because this adds more bloat to your CSS and HTML (your page is loading the English and other language text), and this won't really work well for large blocks of text, or formatted text, eg text with <span> tags or <a> tags.

Not to mention that this is really bad for SEO. A search engine crawler normally just looks at a page's HTML (and sometimes Javascript) to index the page, never at what is in the CSS files attached to the page.

You definitely want to talk to the programmers that have access to the HTML to see if you can implement a server-side or Javascript solution for translation.

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