How can I get the images in my carousel to center?

Tags: css,carousel

Problem :

I have an image carousel with images in it, and I can't figure out why the images won't centre within it. Here's what I currently have for my CSS as it relates to the content of the carousel:

.blueimp-gallery { width: 90%; height: 90%; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; align: center;}

Normally when the height and width are set to 100% the images fill up the carousel all the way and are centred within it. However I don't want them to be 100%, and when I change them to a smaller amount they align to the top left of the carousel instead of the middle. How can I fix this?

Solution :

To be certain I would need more code, but it seems you're applying your CSS to the gallery, not the images in it...

if you change .blueimp-gallery to .blueimp-gallery img it should center the images

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