How to change CSS over selected element only using $(this)

Tags: javascript,jquery,html,css

Problem :

I'm trying to make it where when the user .mouseover() the .featured_products the .featured_products, and the .button will apply the CSS affect to the selected container. The problem i'm encountering is it changes the .css of both the .feature_products containers. I'd like it to only change the one that's being .mouseover(). I tried using $(this) but i'm not understanding it correctly.

    $(".fp_button").css("background-color", "#00addc");
    $(".fp_button").css("color", "#FFFFFF"); 
    $(".fp_button").css("background-color", "white");
    $(".fp_button").css("color", "#000000")

Here is my Demo

Solution :

You can use the second parameter in the selector to denote a parent, like:

$(".fp_button", this).css("background-color", "#00addc");

See it here:

You can also do something like:


etc. There are many ways.

One thing I'd suggest is to change the class name instead of modifying individual CSS rules, like this:

Last thing, this is all possible using only CSS, like this:

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