In GWT, how to reference an external (obfuscated) CSS in another CSS file

Tags: css,gwt

Problem :

I am using a GWT library that defines a CssResource with some class names in the associated css file, e.g. .someWidget {...}

Now in my code I would like to reference this 'external' and possibly obfuscated class name in my own css file. For instance to do: .someWidget.animated {...}

Is there a way to achieve this?

(I know I could use @external .boxWidget if I would have control over the external library)

Solution :

Is the external Library using a ClientBundle and CssResource Interfaces? If so you can extend that interface, add own *.css files and the original ones.

public CssResource css();

You also could completly disable css obfuscation. But thats not a good idea.

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