How to Assign on demand CSS Styles to some div or class?

Tags: css,html5,css3

Problem :

I'm working on a Classifieds/Ads Page for a client using content from a specific Database. I'm close to get the look I'm looking for but now I have a problem. I don't want CSS Styles for the empty boxes to the available spaces.I just want the CSS Styles on the ones that will appear once the information arrive to the database and it's ready to show on the Classifieds/Ads page.

Is there a way to have a CSS style that only is applied when content is present?

This is my test page.

notice how I kind of cheated the CSS style so the blank boxes (spaces) show a text saying: "place your ad here!" but I really don't want those blank boxes there. Any help will be apreciate!

thanks in advance.

Solution :

All you need to do is to find the parent div which does not have content on its header (for instance) using jQuery. Then you can set its display property to none. I have created a working example ****HERE****


  <h2>This is an ad</h2>
  <p>this is the ad which has been added by the database</p>
<div class="ad">


* {box-sizing: border-box;}
h2, p {margin:0; padding:0;}

.ad {
  display: block;
  float: left;
  background: #999;
  margin: 10px 20px;
  padding: 5px;


  $(".ad").each(function() {
     if ($(this).find("h2").text() == "") {

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