Creating a responsive drupal 7 slideshow

Tags: css,drupal,responsive-design,slideshow

Problem :

I've found a bunch of articles about how to create slideshows in drupal, and many that discuss making a slideshow more responsive on SMALLER screens...but I'm having trouble finding how to make a slideshow (with css or some other drupal module) that is responsive on LARGER screens (ie. what happens when the screen is larger in width than my initial can I stretch it and make it look ok?)

For example, my image is 1000px wide. However, I want the slideshow to be the full width of the page. Thus I want the image to stretch to take up the full width of the page irrespective of browser size. But I also don't want the image to look poor.

Is there a standard technique (or any technique) to make this happen?

Solution :

try this bx_slider module Normally bx-slider.js create responsive slider.

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