How to prevent content from being pushed down on appearance of floating menu in mobile display

Tags: css,menu,floating

Problem :

Issue: Upon appearance of floating menu in mobile browsers, a large chunk of content is pushed down leaving white space upon the first appearance of the floating menu.

Go to deleted in a mobile browser or using the usual developer's mobile emnulator to see the issue. Scroll down and when the menu floats, the content is pushed down leaving a large white space.

How can I fix this? Looking for help from the CSS ninjas. Thank you :)

Edit: this issue arises with using WP plugin myStickymenu on mobile browsers. The answer has been indicated below, thanks for the help everyone.

Solution :

If you add a max-height of 61px (the height of your sticky wrap) to mysticky-wrap, it should fix the problem.

#mysticky-wrap {
   max-height: 61px !important;

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