R markdown: how to change style with internal css?

Tags: css,r,markdown,knitr

Problem :

I know how to change R markdown style with a custom css file. However, when the changes are minor, I prefer internal or even inline css, to save trouble from managing two files. I googled and haven't find a solution for this. Below is a simple example of changing style with an external css file. Is there a way to do it with internal or inline css?

The R markdown file:

title: "test"
        css: test.css

## Header 1 {#header1}
But how to change style with internal css?

The test.css file:

#header1 {
color: red;

Solution :

Markdown accepts raw HTML and passes it through unaltered, so define your "styled" elements as HTML:

<h2 style="color: red;">Header 1</h2>

Of course, some tools don't actually allow the raw HTML to be passed through (for security reasons or because the final output is not HTML), so your mileage may vary.

Depending on the Markdown implementation you are using, you may be able to define styles in the attribute list (if it supports arbitrary keys):

## Header 1 {style="color: red;"}

However, that is the least likely to work.

And remember, HTML <style> tags do not need to be in the document <head> to work. If you can use raw HTML, you can include a <style> element in the body of your document (as pointed out by @user5219763 in a comment):

title: "test"

    #header1 {
        color: red;

## Header 1 {#header1}
But how to change style with internal css?

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