How to align two images in html/css

Tags: html,css,image,figure

Problem :

So I have two images with captions under them. I want to be able to put them side by side. I've tried in css float: right; and display: inline-block; but I can't simply get it to work. Please and thank you. I'm new to coding.

<html lang="en">
<meta charset="utf-8">
<figure id="crackers1">
  <img src="crackers2.jpg" alt="missing" height="25%" width="25%" />
  <figcaption>Peppermint Thins</figcaption>
   <figure id="crackers2">
  <img src="crackers2.jpg" alt="missing" height="25%" width="25%" />
  <figcaption>Ritz Crackers</figcaption>

Solution :

You have got so many good answers and here's mine also.

If you want to element in same row then you can use float or display:inline-block;. As per your given example see this fiddle or if you are ok with div/span then go with this fiddle.

Be sure when you are using float:left or float:right then you have to use clear:both after using them so there will be no white space issue but display:inline-block is better then float but it depends on user.

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