How do I make the Brand, links, and facebook link on the same line? Bootstrap 3

Tags: html5,twitter-bootstrap,css3

Problem :

I changed my Code. I moved the Facebook link into its own <ul> bracket and then did a .navbar-right class for that <ul> element. This moved the facebook link to the right side just as I wanted. I deleted my CSS code that I had before. Now I am trying to get the Links to center on the screen with the brand on the left. How do I center the links?


<nav class="navbar navbar-default navbar-inverse navbar-fixed-top ">
	<div class="container-fluid" id="center-nav">
		 <!-- Brand and toggle get grouped for better mobile display -->
		 <div class="navbar-header">
		 	<button type="button" class="navbar-toggle collapsed" data-toggle="collapse" data-target="#bs-example-navbar-collapse-1" aria-expanded="false">
		 		<span class="sr-only">Toggle navigation</span>
		 		<span class="icon-bar"></span>
		 		<span class="icon-bar"></span>
		 		<span class="icon-bar"></span>
		 	<a class="navbar-brand" href="#">Brnich Karate</a>
		 <!-- Collect the nav links, forms, and other content for toggling -->
		 <div class="collapse navbar-collapse" id="bs-example-navbar-collapse-1">
		 	<ul class="nav navbar-nav">
		 		<li class="active"><a href="#">Link <span class="sr-only">(current)</span></a></li>
		 		<li><a href="#">Link</a></li>
		 		<li><a href="#">Link</a></li>
		 		<li><a href="#">Link</a></li>
		 <ul class="navbar-right"> 
           		<li class="social"><a href="#" class="btn btn-inverse btn-lg"><i class="fa fa-facebook-square"></i>Find us on Facebook</a></li>

<script src="js/jquery-1.11.3.min.js"></script>
<script src="js/bootstrap.min.js"></script>


Solution :

You need to move your facebook link to a seperate <ul> list within your navbar and pull it right using navbar-right.

<ul class="nav navbar-nav">
    <li class="active"><a href="#">Link <span class="sr-only">(current)</span></a></li>
    <li><a href="#">Link</a></li>
    <li><a href="#">Link</a></li>
    <li><a href="#">Link</a></li>
 <ul class="nav navbar-nav navbar-right">
    <li class="social">
        <a href="#" class="btn btn-inverse btn-lg">
            <i class="fa fa-facebook-square"></i>Find us on Facebook

Then you need to set your navbar to center it's content as per this question: Center content in responsive bootstrap navbar

@media (min-width: 768px) {
    .navbar .navbar-nav {
        display: inline-block;
        float: none;
        vertical-align: top;

    .navbar .navbar-collapse {
       text-align: center;

See Demo JSFiddle:

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