how to set html inline css from django

Tags: html,css,django

Problem :

Hi everyone, I am stuck at one point while rendering the data from django views. I want to use the CSS data produced in views to be used in the template. I did all I could do, i) inserted the element into the RequestContext, sent it to template ii) From here, I tried to insert that CSS style data into div tag

This is my css data in VIEW( they are "left:xx px top: xx px" positions)

coords = {'usa':['usamap.png',['635px','322px'],['592px','381px'],['541px','398px'],['115px','582px']],

template = loader.get_template('polls/phasex.html')
context = RequestContext(request,{'id_list':id_list,'country':country,'coords':coords[key],'temp':temp,})
return HttpResponse(template.render(context))

On template I am trying to access the data:

<div style={{'left: '|add:coords.1.0|add:'; top: '|add:coords.1.1|add:';'}} >
<text>{{'left: '|add:coords.1.0|add:'; top: '|add:coords.1.1|add:';'}}</text>

actually i should get this when i run:

<div style = 'left: 635px; top: 322px'>

But i am getting this on the webpage:

<div style="left:" 635px;="" top:="" 322px;="">
<text>left: 635px; top: 322px;</text>

I can't understand where's the problem? The text box was for debugging. It's printing properly, but i'm not getting the same inside css styles.

Thanks in Advance

Solution :

You have to place variables inside quotes, like this:

<div style="left:{{ variable }}"></div>

And not like this

<div style={{ "left: variable" }}></div>

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