How do I resize a div relative to browser window size?

Tags: javascript,css,css3,resize,window

Problem :

I'm trying to make a slideshow that resizes proportionally relative to the browser window size, but nothing I try seems to work. The following HTML and CSS is what I use so the slideshow stays centered on my page when the browser window is resized, but it does not yet allow for the slideshow to be resized.

How would I go about doing this? My original thought was simply to give the #parent div a max-width or width of some percentage, but it doesn't work. I thought everything inside, as their widths are all set to 100%, should resize with the #parent div, but they don't. I'm not even sure that the #parent div is even resizing at all...

The img is simple y a placeholder for six images I have in my actual code, but that doesn't make any difference.

#parent {

.fadein {

.fadein img {
	-webkit-transform: translate(-50%, -0%);
	-moz-transform: translate(-50%, -0%);

#slideshow {
<div id="parent">
	<div id="slideshow">
		<div class="fadein">
			<img src="" />

Solution :

.fadein img does not have width set to 100%. Also because it is absolutely positioned, the width will be referring to the width of the window. This shouldn't matter though because your parent divs are set to 100%, so either way will look the same.

Edit: also in the future when you have a layout issue, it is really helpful to put a border around your divs. As mentioned in the comments

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