How to use more times css transform property?

Tags: javascript,jquery,html,css

Problem :

Basically I want that an image change its position sometimes so I use this code:


                transform: 'matrix(0.586,0.8,-0.8,0.586,40,40)'
                "transition-duration": "5s"
                transform: 'matrix(0.866,0.5,-0.6,0.866,0,0)'
                "transition-duration": "5s"

but after the first transform nothing changes.

How can I use more times this css property? There is a better way to do the same effect?

Solution :

Why not use a CSS animation, instead of JS? It'll run faster, and work for people who have JS disabled:

.block {
 @animation: myAnimation, 14400ms, forwards, linear;

@keyframes myAnimation {
  15.3% { transform: none; }
  50%   { transform: matrix(0.586,0.8,-0.8,0.586,40,40); }
  65.3% { transform: matrix(0.586,0.8,-0.8,0.586,40,40); }
  100%  { transform: matrix(0.866,0.5,-0.6,0.866,0,0); }
  • Nothing happens for the first 15.3% of time (2200/14400).
  • Over the next 5000ms (until the 50% mark), the first transformation unfolds.
  • Nothing happens for the next 15.3% of the time.
  • Over the next 5000ms (until 50%), the second transformation unfolds.

There's a great tutorial at MDN Using CSS Animations

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